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after sailing to an easy win in the land of lincoln, mitt romney takes aim at president obama. >> it's time to say these words. this word -- enough. we've had enough. >>> search for the shooter. french police exchange gunfire with a gunman suspected in the deadly attack at a jewish school. >>> and earthquake in mexico. no fatalities but some serious damage after a powerful quake rocks southern mexico. >> everything started shaking. the windows were shaking. i sat on the floor. it was very scary. >>> this is the "cbs morning it was very scary. >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, march 21, captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. the next republican primary is saturday in louisiana. rick santorum is pinning his hopes on a strong showing there after getting trounced by mitt romney in yesterday's illinois vote. romney rode a wave of tv advertising to a decisive double-digit win in illinois. romney outspent his opponent 7-1 in tv ads and grabbed his third primary victory in a row. cbs news estimates romney won 41 of the 5
romney is leading in the early vote count in virginia. only he and ron paul were on the ballot. we also have the former governor of massachusetts leading in next door vermont as the vote count continues there. here is how gingrich won georgia. our exit polling found the former house speaker won a number of key groups including women, conservatives, and tea party supporters. so gingrich takes georgia, romney leading in virginia and vermont in the early vote count. polls close in ohio at the bottom of the hour. stay with us for more super tuesday updates. i'm scott pelley. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, it's the biggest night of the presidential primary season and as you just saw newt gingrich is on the board with a win in his home state georgia. mitt romney coming off four straight wins in the past two weeks is leading tonight in virginia and in vermont. with ten states voting, we're just getting started. we have a team of campaign 2012 correspondents covering super tuesday and we'll go first to jan crawford with the
>>> the votes are in. mitt romney wins a hotly contested ohio primary. but rick santorum racks up three super tuesday victories of his own. >> as it looks right now, we're going to get at least a couple of gold medals and a whole basket full of silver medals. >> i stand ready to lead our party, and i stand ready to lead our nation to prosperity. >>> pressing for peace. president obama takes on the gop candidates saying there's more time to find a solution to the iranian nuclear threat. >> those folks don't have a lot of responsibilities. they're not commander in chief. >>> and manning gets sacked in a cost cutting move shall the indianapolis colts will send the cost cutting move shall the indianapolis colts will send the star quarterback packing. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, march 7, 2012. >>> good morning everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. it is the morning after super tuesday and the one thing we know for sure, the slug-fest for the republican presidential nomination won't be over any time soon. they were toe to toe b
. >>> illinois vote. mitt romney pushes for a big win as rick santorum is put on the defensive. >> my candidacy doesn't hinge on whether the unemployment rate goes up or down. >>> and the investigation opens. the justice department and the fbi decide to look into the shoots of an unarmed african-american teenager in florida. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. >>> well, this morning another round of severe weather pounding the nation's midsection, and it is not over yet. flood warnings are posted from texas to southern missouri. last night a tornado touched down southwest of san antonio. at least 50 homes were damaged in the small towns of divine and natalia. so far no injuries are reported but there are unconfirmed reports of people trapped in mobile homes. the storm system also brought heavy rain and flooding to parts of texas and oklahoma where much of the state is under a flash flood watch. more potentially dangerous weather, thoe, is forecast for today as a storm front moves from texas, louisiana, arkansas,
, rick santorum and mitt romney are campaigning hard ahead of the prom primary. >> reporter: mitt romney greeted voters in illinois explaining why he should win the state's gop primary. >> i had to get us the energy on the ground we needed to keep the money, that's spent buying energy from other people, keep it here. put people to work. >> reporter: romney rolls in to the next contest with momentum from his overwhelming victory over the weekend. >> 20 delegates, all delegates that were in the contest are ours. >> reporter: holding on to more delegates than all his rivals combined. romney is stepping up calls for hopefuls to step aside. his chief challenger, rick santorum vows he will fight to the end. >> the convention will nominate a conservative, not the mad rat candidate from massachusetts. >> reporter: san tom claims romney is outspending him 10- 1 ahead of the primary in illinois. >> mitt romney is systematically run a negative campaign, no positive vision for this country, and spends billionaire dollars to tear down every opponent in his path. >> reporter: the battle shaped up as a
with the candidates tonight. first, we'll go to wyatt andrews in liberty missouri with the romney campaign. wyatt. >> scott, afghanistan was an issue today during the romney campaign, now campaign, now in missouri. romney did not blame the afghanistan tragedy on the president or his policies. but but he did say the president was putting too much pressure on the united states military. >> your son in afghanistan, thank you for his service. ather ofter: romney speaking to the father of a service member has said that the president has kept the military too small and asked it to do too much. >> our number of troops. you know how many times we saw men and women having to be rotated back to rotated back to afghanistan and iraq. they're stretched to the breaking point in those conflicts. conflicts. >> reporter: that line about a breaking point was significant because the serviceman responsible for the afghan murders had served three tours in iraq before deploying to afghanistan. >> we should >> we should increase our number of active duty personnel by 100,000 and make sure we give our veterans the care
romney in the delegate? >> mitt romney might drop out. i'm not suggesting for the press, i'm not suggesting he drop out but if he wants to, i'll certainly accept his resignation. you know, after you've outspent your opponent about 50 to 1 and you still can't put the race away, at some point you might want to say maybe i can't win after all. >> with another win in the deep south rick santorum campaigns in the next key primary state with wisconsin. how well does he have to do in the rest of the primaries to be a serious contender for the nomination we'll ask him. there's breaking news overnight as former vice president dick cheney undergoes heart transplant surgery. we'll have an update. then we'll take a look at the story that is gripping the nation, the shooting of trayvon martin, an unarmed african-american teenager in florida. even the president weighed in this week. >> if i had a son he'd look like trayvon. >> reporter: there's outrage across the country over the florida law that allowed the shooter to go free. does the "stand your ground" law go too far? house republica
on a southern resurgence, came in a close second. mitt romney was third in both contests but maintains a huge lead in delegates. duarte geraldino is in washington with details on all of this. good morning. >> good morning, betty. mitt romney's performance exposes an achilles heel in his campaign. rick santorum is trying to capitalize on that weakness. and gingrich is trying to show that he is still a viable contender. rick santorum pulled off a southern sweep tuesday. >> we did it again. >> he told supporters in louisiana they'll keep his momentum going. >> next week, we'll come back here and we expect a huge win. >> santorum won mississippi and alabama tuesday night with the help of conservative voters and women. the former pennsylvania senator says the results will reshape the republican field. >> santorum and newt gingrich continue to split the conservative vote. despite losing, the former speaker said he has no plans to drop out and this race is far from over. >> one of the things tonight proved is that the elite media's effort to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevitable just co
romney and rick santorum hope to score big in tomorrow's key midwest primary. >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, march 19, 2012. >>> good morning, everybody, good to be with you. i'm tyrell brown. it's the last full day of winter but for most of the country it already feels like spring. in some places even summer. temperatures could hit record highs from the northern plains to the east coast today. but winter's end isn't just mild, it's turning wild. today the nation's midsection is on alert for a new bout of severe weather. funnel clouds were spotted sunday evening in southwestern oklahoma. these storms lasted just a few minutes and only damaged some power lines. another tornado was reported in nebraska. it damaged at least two homes but no injuries were reported. tornado warnings were up in central ohio sunday when cameras caught this, a bolt of lightning striking near downtown columbus. today severe thunderstorms are in the forecast for an area extending from south texas to the northeast. the threat of tornadoes is greatest in central texas, oklahoma, kansas and nebr
romney, the republican with the most delegates, finished behind rick santorum annuity gingrich in mississippi and alabama. >> if you're the frontrunner and you keep coming in third, you're not much of a frontrunner. >> reporter: but by romney's new math there is no way santorum or gingrich can get enough delegates to secure the nomination. he wants them to quit. but one analyst said not so fast. >> the closer mitt gets to that magical number of 1144 delegates the more leverage he has at a hypothetical brokered convention. however, however, you know, if rumors of a santorum-gingrich super ticket prove true, well, we're in for a hot time in tampa. >> reporter: hey, it's already hot. >> got to be hot. >> reporter: we'll try to keep the heat on as we get the latest from the president's top strategist david axelrod, republican national chairman reince preibus, former republican party chair and romney supporter ed gillespie, fox news contributor rich lowrie and our own norah o'donnell. after all, this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "fac
'll go to jan crawford with the romney campaign in illinois. jan? >> reporter: well, scott, mitt romney not only wanted to win here but win decisively to try to erase any doubt about whether or not he can clinch the nomination >> i need you to go vote. >> earlier this month polls had romney with a slight lead. he expanded it in the past week with an aggressive campaign. he and the outside groups supporting him poured more than $3 million into television ads, most of them targeting rick santorum >> santorum co-sponsored 51 bills to increase spending. >> reporter: they outspent santorum and his supporters 18-1. romney campaigned across the state, shaking hands in rockford and today in chicago talking in an online chat about the rigors of campaign life. >> i had to wash my shirt out in the sink and then i thought how am i going to get this thing dried fast enough? >> reporter: he even went straight at president obama in his backyard-- the university of chicago. >> for the last three years the president has expanded government instead of empowering the american people. >> reporter: now, rom
romney won in wyoming, but there was no mistaking that the big battles were down south. >> good morning, y'all. good to be with you. i got it right this morning with grits. i'll tell you. delicious. >> the first time he had ever tasted grits. i just wanted to reassure all of you that i have had some acquaintance in a variety of forms with shrimp, with cheese, with gravy. i get it. >> schieffer: it was one of those you can't make it up weeks on the campaign trail. so where do things stand now? after winning georgia, newt gingrich is still dancing. but can he or santorum stop romney? we'll ask him. then we'll talk to a top obama campaign advisor robert gibbs. the latest on the campaign and afghanistan with analysis from correspondents norah o'donnell and david martin. this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: good morning again. the overnight news from afghanistan is sober. at least 15 afghans by some counts are dead, and more are wounded after an american soldier went on a shooting spree. it hap
super tuesday here is where the republican presidential race stands. mitt romney won six of the ten states that voted yesterday. rick santorum three, newt gingrich one. so far, 22 states have voted. romney has won 13, santorum 7, gingrich two. it takes 1,144 delegates to clinch the nomination. romney is more than a third of the way there with 391. santorum has 140. gingrich 95, ron paul 38. romney won the key battleground state of ohio last night-- but just barely. john dickerson is our political director. john, where does romney stand today. >> well, scott, ohio was a lot closer than the romney campaign wanted it to be. they'd hoped if they had a commanding victory romney would be able to say that the ration was just all but over. instead, questions were raised again about his inability to connect with the most conservative members of his party. but overall, it was a good night. as you mentioned, six of ten states won by romney, 65% of the delegates at stake last night. in talking to experts today, they say it's nearly impossible for romney's competitors to overtake him in that del
romney wins across the ten states that would be a big step toward sealing the deal as the republican nominee. if he stumbles this race could go on for months. mitt romney spent month insisting he is the only candidate focusing on the issues that matter most to voters. >> i look at this campaign right now, and i see a lot of folks all talking about lots of thig things, but what we need to talk about to defeat barack obama is getting good jobs scaling back the size of government, and that's what i do. >> reporter: romney already has 187. there will 419 more. more than a third needed to win the nomination. the key battleground between mitt romney and rick santorum is ohio with 63 delegates. both candidates spent the final day campaigning there. romney was trailing in the polls there just days ago but after a recent surge it's now a virtual dead heat. santorum says for better or worse, ohio could be a turning point in his campaign. >> it's going be a huge, huge deal. >> reporter: though he was leading national polls for february santorum is painting himself as the
there? >> oh, sure, i said, i think with you a couple of weeks ago that romney had to win michigan, they had to win georgia, and santorum has to win pennsylvania. you lose credibility if the folks who know you best repudiate you. i think that will lead to a spirited campaign in george a. i've been at home campaigning for a few days and i'll be back to the chamber of commerce on tuesday morning before i go to huntsville. in addition it means that you have -- senator santorum will find pennsylvania competitive. >> bob: you're looking good in georgia according to the polls. it looks like santorum and governor romney are neck in neck in ohio. how do you see super tuesday shaking down? what would you expect to see wednesday morning as you looks back >> i think there will be santorum and romney in the lead, and me in third place, and coming back and gaining ground f. you look at the gallup numbers, i closed the gap on santorum dramatically in the last two and a half weeks. this is the seventh time that you and i have talked about it. this is the seventh time i've been through the up and
" at the cbs broadcast center. i'm charlie rose. a convincing win for mitt romney in the illinois primary, so we'll get reaction from illinois democratic senator dick durbin on that as well as the ongoing budget battle in washington. >>> plus, a community rallies in support of a teen gunned down during a neighborhood watch. we'll hear from both sides of this racially charged case. >>> i'm gayle king. treasure trove of captured documents offer a window into the mind of osama bin laden. john miller brings us new details you have not heard before. >>> when i see you at 8:00, kiefer sutherland tells us about his return to tv. >>> i'm erica hill. cbs news tracked down fake medicine that made its way into the u.s. >>> and newly published e-mails from bernie madoff shows a desperate man trying to cope with life behind bars. >>> we start with the "eye opener," your world in 90 second. >>> thank you, illinois. what a night. wow. >>> mitt romney rolls in illinois and takes aim at president obama. >> it's time to say this word -- enough. we've had enough. >> it's inevitable mitt romney is going to be th
romney and rick santorum a virtual tie. good news for romney who erased a double-digit deficit. in virginia romney stands a good chance of capturing all 46 delegates. tyler suiters is in arlington. he joins us now. good morning, tyler. >> reporter: betty, good morning to you as well. mitt romney also has an excellent chance of taking all the delegates in massachusetts, a state where he serves as governor, and in nearby vermont. it's different stakes for different candidates, and it's clear today's voting could reshape the rest of the republican presidential race. mitt romney campaigned hard across ohio hours before the polls opened, asking voters in youngstown to carry him to victory on super tuesday. >> get out and vote. thank you so much. >> reporter: romney is locked in a dead heat there with rick santorum. the former pennsylvania senator had a lead there, but it started to fade after romney's three-state sweep last week. santorum admits a win in ohio is crucial. >> i would make the argument thal it may not be make or break. it's going to be a huge, huge deal. >> reporter: o
shot and killed an unarmed black teenager. >> my son was screaming for his life. >>> mitt romney campaign is all shook up as he's forced to claim a comment by a staffer. >>> and feeling the pain. the nfl tackles bounty hunting with a big hit on the new orleans saints. >> we have a serious violation of an existing rule that threatens the health and welfare of our players. >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, march 22, 2012. >>> good morning. i'm betty nguyen. >>> we begin with the outcry over the shooting of an unarmed black teenager in florida. the neighborhood watch man who shot the teen has not been arrested for last month's shooting. here in new york a demonstration was held in memory of trayvon manuel gallegus was there. >> reporter: a crowd of supporters surrounded the parents of 17-year-old trayvon martin as they left a rally in manhattan's union square. it was hectic but peaceful. supporters are calling for justice for the teen who was shot dead by a man in his florida gated community. >> it was a travesty what happened to this young man. i want to show solidar
in baltimore county. mitt romney is fresh off a victory especially yesterday's illinois primaries and he is looking to solidify his place at the front of the pack. in this morning's campaign 2012 report wjz and monique griego are live at the american legion where romney will be later today. good morning, monique. >> reporter: good morning, don. and good morning, everyone. romney will host the town hall meeting here later today, looking to build on his win last night in illinois. [ cheers ] >> thank you guys. >> reporter: mitt romney scores another victory with a convincing win in illinois. >> what a night. thank you, illinois. what a night. wow. >> reporter: now romney will look to build on that momentum when he makes a campaign stop at the american legion. romney saturated the airwaves and cnn reports a proromney superpack has spent nearly half a million dollars buying airtime in maryland. >> we know our future is brighter than these troubled times. we still believe in america. and we deserve a president who believes in us. and i believe in the american people. >> reporter: romney has a
. in today's campaign 2012 report, mitt romney is the first gop candidate to visit our state in advance of the april 3rd primary. >>> fresh off his big win in illinois, romney helps him on his lead. romney plans to win the support of local republicans. adam? >> any minute now, a town hall meeting will kick off. romney is saturating the air waves. he's spending nearly half a million dollars. these are live pictures that we just got here from the american american legion hall in arbutus. this is also where governor bob ehrlich kicked off his campaign for governor last time. it's a very popular hot spot with maryland republicans. romney is hoping to walk away with maryland's 37 delegates. also the chairman of romney's campaign. we're still waiting for romney to take the stage and begin to speak. maryland is going to begin to hold primaries. and early voting will begin this saturday. >> adam, thank you. stay with complete coverage of campaign 2012. we'll bring you the latest on the candidates and the primary results. >>> a maryland senator is marking a milestone in washington. moments ago,
romney. >> reporter: it's rare maryland gets this much attention during the presidential primary. and maryland republicans warmly welcomed mitt romney. >> the president said, by the way, that if he was newly elected and didn't turn the economy around in 1 to five years, he would be looking to turn around. we're here to collect. >> reporter: significant because this is the home of former governor ehrlich, who is chairman of romney's campaign. >> i contribute that to ehrlich. >> i think he's precisely the type of republican that romney wants to be associated with. so even though maryland won't go for mitt romney in november. >> while some criticize romney for a lack of passion. >> come out and vote for romney. vote early. >> reporter: it's the kind of momentum he needs, building on a big win in illinois. >> i think our country absolutely needs an experienced businessman. >> i feel like of everyone, he's been straightforward. >> as i have gone across the country, i have been more optimistic because of the patriotism i hear, the passion for america, the innovative experience of our p
republicans are now gathering around mitt romney. last night it was florida center marco marco rubio, and late today, the first president bush threw his support to romney. hoe told him to "get on and win the presidency." bob of bob schieffer is our cbs news chief washington correspondent and the anchor of "face the nation." bob, what do we make of these endorsements? >> reporter: i'll tell you, scott, endorsements are nice. i've never thought they made that much difference, but what this tells you is that the bushes believe that romney is going to win the nomination. people seldom endorse losers so there may be a little bandwagon effect here that would give romney a boost. i'll tell you the place where romney g romney got no endorsement today edd that's when i interviewed vice president biden in milwaukee. romney, he said, is out of touch, stuck in the past, and doesn't have answers for anything. >> and what is-- what is the romney answer? there's not there's nothing. all they argue is cut. get rid of that. get rid of that. look, this is about the middle cl class and what affects middle class
to mitt romney who is still trying to win over conservative voters. tyler suiters is in washington with more. >> good morning to you. days after campaigning hard in ohio, the republican frontrunners are now trying to sway southern voters. with that in mind, rick santorum is calling alabama the heart of conservatism and mitt romney says he's becoming an unofficial southerner. >> how are you doing? >> mitt romney tried to win over southern voters as he campaigned along mississippi's gulf coast. >> i'm learning to say y'all. i like grits. >> he didn't do well in the south four years ago and admits he has an uphill battle. he picked up a key endorsement from mississippi's governor and trying to tap into issues. impacting the local economy, blaming president obama for rising gas prices. >> this is in part his fault. this is a guy who slowed down as i'm sure you know the licensing and permitting of off shore rigs, of on-shore drilling. >> newt gingrich's campaign says the former speaker needs wins in alabama and mississippi to stay competitive. gingrich remained optimistic while in tupel
because of the oil spill. >>> mitt romney scores a win in washington state with the primary victory tonight just days before super tuesday. reports from wjz tonight with ten states now for grabs at the most critical point in the candidate's campaign. >> reporter: inside some caucus sites, it was standing room only. in others, voters were turned away as tens of thousands at washington state republicans made their picks for a presidential nominee. front-runner mitt romney won the contest. drew in to push hard for his first victory, but came up short. may give romney a boost into the critical super tuesday contest. saturday, he rallied supporters in ohio where he's lock maryland a close race with rick santorum, but romney stuck to hammering president obama and highlighting his business background. >> with incomes having gone down, we know a president who knows the economy to fix the economy. >> reporter: santorum used the editorial to challenge romney on health care. in it, romney said he supported individual mandates, tax penalties that inspired president obama's health care bill. >>
primary. mitt romney leads with 493 delegates, followed by rick santorum with 218. newt gingrich 120 and ron paul with 42. no one is close to the 1,144 needed to clinch the nomination. next week right in the middle of this campaign the supreme court will consider the constitutionality of president obama's health care reform law. so we thought this would be a good time to ask the republicans what they would do about health care. first, dean reynolds with the santorum campaign. dean? >> reporter: scott, senator santorum-- like the other republican candidates-- gets some of his loudest applause when he says his top priority will be to repeal the national health care law which president obama signed two years ago. >> senator, i know you're opposed to the national health care law, but i'm a little vague on what you would do instead of it. >> not romneycare, not obamacare not government mandated health care or government controlled health care. >> reporter: santorum's alternative would be a major overhaul centered on what he calls health savings accounts. they would involve businesses payi
of the race. both want to go head to head with mitt romney. romney has time and the delegate counts on his side. cbs estimates romney now has 391 delegates, more than double his closest competitor. tyler suiters is in washington with more. tyler, goodmorning to you. >>> terrell, good morning as well. >> kansas, alabama, mississippi. if rick santorum wins all of these three upcoming states and there's a chance he could, by this time next week we could have a two-man race. rick santorum told supporters in jackson, mississippi, next week's primary could be a game changer. >> if we win mississippi, this will be a two-person race. >> santorum is battling with newt gingrich to win over conservative voters and emerge as mitt romney's lone rival. the former pennsylvania senator has consistently split that base with gingrich allowing romney to win in michigan and ohio, key states. santorum is stopping short of calling for gingrich to drop out of the race. >> if he wants to get out, i'm all for that. >> newt gingrich says that won't happen. >> we're staying in this race because i believe that it's g
, republicans like mitt romney target the fact that the unemployment rate has been stuck above 8% for almost mr. obama's entire presidency. >> my friends, the truth is 8% unemployment unemployment is not the best america can do. it's just the best this administration can do. >> reporter: the key, experts say, scott, is not just the state of the economy but how americans perceive it. and although there's been some improvement in consumer confidence, it's still far from where the president needs it to be. >> pelley: norah, thank you. in the race for the republican presidential nomination, kansas holds a caucus this weekend. hawaii, alabama, and mississippi vote on tuesday. the latest poll in mississippi shows a lead for newt gingrich over mitt romney and rick santorum. with all three still in the race it is possible that the republicans won't know who their nominee is before their national convention. nancy cordes has been looking into this. >> morning, y'all. (applause) >> reporter: mitt romney poured on newfound southern charm today in jackson, mississippi. >> i got started right with a biscuit
. i'm charlie rose. more trouble for mitt romney. rick santorum pulls off two big wins in mississippi and alabama. so what does this mean for the fight for the gop nomination. >>> also we'll talk to leon panetta. >>> i'm erica hill. the dow soars along with temperatures around the nation. plus, we'll talk to george clooney as he prepares to testify for congress and meet with president obama. >>> i'm gayle king. prince harry tells us how the work of his mother, princess diana influenced his own humanitarian efforts. when i see you at 8:00, jason segel stops by. >>> first, as we do every day, we begin with today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >>> we did it again. >> rick santorum sweeps the south winning primaries in mississippi and alabama. >> we're going to win this nomination before that convention. >> this air of inevitability that romney has -- >> if you're the front-runner and keep coming in third, you're not much of a front-runner. >>> i'm the one guy in this race who can beat barack obama. >> from my perspective, he has to get rid of those stupid blue jeans. >> some men
. >>> end game? as the gop candidates battle for votes, mitt romney is picking up a pair of key endorsements. >>> midair meltdown. criminal charges have been filed against the jetblue pilot who had to be restrained by passengers. this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, march 29, 2012. >>> good morning, everybody, and thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. >>> we begin with the investigation into the shooting death of florida teen trayvon martin. the father of george zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot the unarmed teenager, says his son was trying to protect himself. in an interview with the fox affiliate in orlando, robert zimmerman says martin confronted his son, quote, trayvon martin then got on top of him and started beating him in his face, in his nose and hitting his head on the concrete. >> he continued to beat george, and at some point george pulled his pistol and did what he did. >> but zimmerman appeared uninjured in this surveillance video, obtained by abc news. zimmerman is seen being led through the sanford police station after martin was shot dead. there
ann's county. here is what people will be talking about. mitt romney picking up 20 delegates over the weekend. romney and rick santorum are now taking the race to illinois. >> reporter: mitt romney will carry more momentum in to the primary contest, he celebrated another win, easily capturing all of puerto rico's 20 delegates. rom any spoke to supporters in illinois, polls show he is locked in a tight battle. the state holds its primary tomorrow. as romney gain as bigger league, his wife is calling on republicans to end the fight for the nomination. >> it's time to get behind one candidate and get the job done to move onto the next job, bringing us one step closer to defeating barack obama. three contenders say they are not going anywhere. santorum says romney hasn't proven he is a good enough candidate. >> somebody had a huge advantage, money advantage, huge advantage of establishment support, and he hasn't been able to close the deal. >> reporter: santorum spent yesterday in louisiana, which votes this weekend. he will join romney in illinois today, to court voter whose are stil
is with the romney campaign in cincinnati, ohio. >> my goal if i were to become president is pretty straightforward-- i want more jobs for the people of home. , for the people of america. >> reporter: in this key trying to manage expectations. he wants to win and he's fighting hard. romney's closed the gap with rick santorum. just last week, one poll had him down by double digits. the latest polls show he's cut that to four, within the margin of error. in the campaign events he has kept his focus on president obama. >> he wants to raise taxes. it will kill jobs. i will lower taxes to create more jobs and rising incomes. >> reporter: in television ads he's hit rick santorum hard. >> just another washington insider. >> reporter: when voters in ohio and nine other states cast ballots on tuesday, romney is counting on wins in at least three-- vermont, his home state of massachusetts, and virginia. and he's expected to win the overall delegate battle. but ohio is a statement, a big midwestern state that could show romney is in command of the race. now, if he does win here, romney has an even better argu
isunderway in the polls, mitt romney is hoping to win although a mistake could cost santorum votes. >> reporter: the polls are open, the voters are picking the one they want to challenge the president. it is a show down between mit roll knee mitt romney and rick santorum. >> i don't care what the unemployment rate will be. >> at a rally romney pounced on his rival's mistake. >> one of the people said he doesn't care about the unemployment rate. that doesn't bother him. i do care about the unemployment rate. >> santorum later admitted unemployment is important, going on to say the nation's economic troubles are symptoms of the government's intrusion into the lives of voters. occasionally you say some things you wish you had you know a do over. but you know what? i think it is important that you try to get a sense of how real the candidate is. you know mistakes and all. >> santorum hopes his method of restoring freedom will drive conservative voters in southern illinois to the polls today, delivering him a surprise win, romney is counting on republicans in chicago suburbs to help h
will be talking about, rick santorum closing the gap on mitt romney. he won in those states with romney placing third. here is duarte geraldino for wjz. >> reporter: rick santorum pulled off a sweep tuesday. >> we did it again. >> reporter: he told supporters with they will keep his momentum going. >> next week we will come back hire and expect a huge win. >> reporter: he won alabama and mississippi with the help of conservative voters and women. he says the results will reshape the republican field. >> it will help the conservatives. >> reporter: they continue to split the conservative vote. despite lutzing the former speaker says he has no plans to drop out and this race is far from over. >> one of the things tonight proved is that the elite media's effort to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevitable just collapsed. >> alabama and mississippi allocate their delegates proportionately so gingrich, santorum and romney all added to their totals but romney still holds a significant lead. romney lost both states yesterday, partly because he wasn't able to rally the conservative base. the f
mitt romney. [ cheering ] >> the national spotlight, mitt romney visits maryland. >> we'll make sure we get him out of office. >> reporter: tonight, his message and the impact on the race for the republican presidential nomination. >> hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> denise koch is off tonight. and here's what people are talking about tonight. >> campaign for republican presidential candidate. mitt romney is gathering momentum less than two weeks before the primary here in maryland. mike hellgren has more on what the candidates are telling voters. >> reporter: mr. romney focused on the economy and attacking president obama, as opposed to his gop rivals. he also touted a new endorsement by fermer governor jeb bush. and he got a rallying endorsement from former governor ehrlich. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor, soon to be president, mitt romney. >> reporter: maryland republicans are rel innerring some attention. >> reporter: the president said, by the way, that if he didn't turn the economy around, he would be losing one-term proposition. >> reporter: a line formed hours befo
, mitt romney eeks out a tight victory. but, can he convince the gop that he is their man? we'll talk with republican leader eric cantor and top gop strategist mike murphy. >>> i'm gayle king. more sponsors drop rush limbaugh. so what is next for the controversial commentator? >>> when i see you at 8:00, the fbi is asking for help in finding one of its own. john miller has the bizarre case of that missing agent. >>> i'm erica hill. one of the nfl's biggest stars getting a pink slip. where peyton manning may be heading next and apple fans hoping the rumors are true this morning. could the new ipad be revealed today. >>> but first as we do every morning shall we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> we are counting up the delegates for the convention and it looks good and we're counting down the days to november and that looks better. >> mitt romney tags his lead winning six super tuesday states, including a close contest in ohio. >> we're going to get at least a couple of gold medals and a whole passel full of silver medals. >> newt gingrich got the win
. elizabeth, thank you. in the presidential race, after his win in illinois last night, mitt romney got a big endorsement today from jeb bush, the former governor of florida says it is time for republicans to unite around the front-runner. romney defeated rick santorum in illinois by 12 points. romney's now come in first in primaries and caucuses in 16 states and has just under half of the delegates needed to clinch the nomination. john dickerson is our cbs news political director, and, john, san sorm, gingrich, and paul are all still in the race, but is this becoming a one-man contest? >> reporter: it sure does look like it, and that's what was important about this endorsement today. romney's gotten a lot of them, but this one is different because jeb bush is a well-respected figure in the party, and romney's been make, the case in the wake of his big win in illinois that the party should rally around him. he has that insurmountable lead in the delegate count and that a bruising race only hurts the effort to take on barack obama. and jeb bush echoed that view saying after 34 contests it was
shows mitt romney with a three-point lead over rick santorum, 34% to 31%. with jobs the number-one issue on most people's minds, tonight we are asking two of the front-runners how they would create more high-paying manufacturing jobs. first, dean reynolds with rick santorum. dean? >> reporter: scott, rick santorum presents himself as a son of the working class among whose top priorities is to bring manufacturing jobs back to this country. can you be relatively specific about how would do that? >> i would cut the corporate tax for manufacturing to zero so we create a real incentive for people to invest money in the manufacturing sector of the economy. >> reporter: in addition to cutting the tax on manufacturers from about 32% to zero, santorum would open up energy resources to make relocating here more attractive to business and he would eliminate many regulations which he finds punitive. he says the increase in job production would make up for any losses in tax revenues. >> we need to have regulations that work with businesses to help them comply instead of punish them. >> reporter: he a
massachusetts governor mitt romney who's maryland campaign is headed by former governor bob ehrlich. newt gingrich is scheduled to visit annapolis next week. former senate's rick santorum's campaign is also penciled in. and ron paul holds a town meeting on wednesday. it's a lot more attention than maryland republicans have come to expect but these are unusual times, but voters are paying close attention. >> whether it's romney or santorum or ron paul or newt gingrich, we have four people. and that's a lot to choose from. and sometimes it's hard. but you have to listen to it all. >> reporter: political analyst richard bats of romney supporters says there's some things to be gained by making a showing here. >> maryland is considered a very, very left winged state. but the republicans even if though you wouldn't know this from election rhetoric, the candidates are conservative. >> reporter: of course what the candidates are really after here are delegates. maryland will sent 27 to the republican nomination. pat warren, now back to you. >> you can count on us for updated results and informat
. and it's almost two full percentage points lower than the national average. >>> mitt romney is gaining momentum in tonight's campaign 2012 report. mitt romney and rick santorum are looking to knock down ahead of next week's primary. >> reporter: mitt romney took the stage in wisconsin, with one of that state's best-known lawmakers. he picked up the endorsement of congressman paul ryan, a conservative known for taking a tough line on government spending. >> because in this man, we have a person of conviction. we have a man with the right kind of experience. >> reporter: ryan joins a growing list of republican leaders, lining up to support romney. including former president george h.w. bush. despite that, the former governor's chief rival, rick santorum, says he'll fight to the finish. campaigning in wisconsin, he said the obama administration keeps imposing rules that are killing jobs. >> and i will eliminate every single one of those regulations on day 1. >> reporter: santorum is trailing seven points behind romney in the latest wisconsin poll. newt gingrich is barely registering on th
poll out this morning. it has good news and bad news for mitt romney. >>> i'm gayle king. we'll talk with prince harry one-on-one who opens up about his responsibilities that he and his brother share. >> slowly coming to terms with and accepting the fact that the name can make a huge difference. therefore, you've got to use it. >> i'm erica hill. you'll meet a roman catholic priest who has a wife and six children. >> but first as kwee do every morning, we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >>> outrage in afghanistan after an american soldier goes on a murderous rampage. >> 16 victims, three women and nine little children. >> the taliban has vowed revenge against what they called thick-minded american savages. >> president obama has spoken with afghanistan's president, offered his condolences. >> after the burning of the koran, this incident, it's going to be tough to mend the relationship. >>> unlike one of my competitors, i have had grits before. [ laughter ] >> the gop battles for the deep south. >> up next tuesday, primaries in alabama and mississip
mitt romney is in maryland. fresh off a victory in yesterday's illinois primary and looking to solidify his place at the front of the pack. here is monique griego with more on the 2012 report. >> reporter: good afternoon, everyone, mitt romney will host a town hall meeting later today at the american legion, looking to build on momentum he won last night in illinois. >> thank you guys. >> reporter: mitt romney scores another victory with a convincing win in illinois. >> what a night. thank you illinois. what a night. wow. >> reporter: now romney will look to build on that momentum when he makes a campaign stop at the american legion there. he saturated the air waves there and a superpack has spent half a million dollars on airtime. >> we know our times are brighter and still believe in america and we deserve a president who believes in us and i believe in the american people. >> he has collected more delegates than his rivals combined but rick santorum insists the race is not over. >> we are heading to louisiana then we will be back here in pence vein and pick up a whole boat load of de
bigad shaban has the latest. >> reporter: mitt romney is celebrating his birthday on the campaign trail. >> thanks. >> reporter: one of two southern states holding republican primaries tomorrow. >> i think it is time to send a president to washington who can fix things in this country. >> reporter: rick santorum is spending time in mississippi. the other state where they will head to the polls. a new pole shows he leads the poll with 34% supporting him. romney trails just behind with 30%. santorum's lead is within the pole's margin of error. newt gingrich and ron paul are still far behind. but the poll also shows most republican voters, 73%, expect romney will win the nomination. >> this primary is very very important. >> tomorrow's primaries are critical for gingrich, who is resisting calls to drop out of the race. >> at some point it becomes irrelevant whether he is in the race, i think this race is going to become a two person race. >> gingrich maintains he will pull out wins in the south. >> i represent the regan tradition of large ideas, he represents being a team player on a washi
romney is not the right choice for the party. >> frankly, i do not believe that a massachusetts moderate who created romney care as the forerunner of obama care is going to be in a position to win any debates this fall. >> but there is growing pressure on gingrich to call it quits. he campaigned hard in alabama and mississippi. at 1 point predicting he would win both states now he admits he will have to rework his strategy. mitt romney picked up wins in hawaii and america samoa tuesday. now he is fighting to knack down santorum's momentum. >> i am the one guy in this race who can beat barack obama. >> romney leads in the delegate race, he is counting on that to help him lock in his party's nomination this summer. at the white house, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the campaign now moves to the west and puerto rico, voters on missouri head on their caucuses on saturday, illinois holds a primary news tuesday. >> a local pulitzer prize winning writer has died, alice steinbalk was the first woman from the baltimore story to receive that award on a story about a blind 10-year-old
you get served -- >> reporter: mitt romney ignored his republican rivals and attacked president obama. >> he has been in office for three years. i'm still waiting to hear what his job plan is. how he is going to make america most competitive and put us back to work. >> >> reporter: georgia offers the most delegates tuesday and it's newt gingrich territory. he said it is a must win >> you lose all credibility if the folks who know you best repute crate you >>> repudiate you. >> >> we have seen in washington, and some of the other states, we have the anti-romney vote, if you will. both gingrich and i are out there shrugging away. >> reporter: santorum and romney are locked in a tight race in ohio. a key state because it's a general election battle ground. a new poll shows santorum leading romney by two points. ohio is one of 10 states up for grabs tuesday with more than 400 delegates at stake. republicans could see their economy emerge or once again shake up the race. drew levinson, "wjz" "eyewitness news." >> >> ron paul spent sunday in alaska alaska holds its primary super tuesday. up
hopefuls, it's an all-out battle to claim the nearly 100 delegates up for grabs. mitt romney wants to close the deal. rick santorum is looking to gain some momentum and newt gingrich may need a win to stay in the race. we have more. >> good morning, terrell. at this stage of the game, the remaining candidates are clawing for any possible advantage. you will begin seeing strategies evolve, and right now the man with the most improved is newt gingrich. during his final push for votes, newt gingrich told them he's in the race for the long haul. >> i do not believe the other two candidates can beat obama and i believe it's the most important race of our lifetime, and i will not leave the field. >> reporter: gingrich's strategy has been the focus of southern states. the latest poll shows he's in a fight for first and second in both alabama and mississippi going into primary days. rick santorum supporters have called for gingrich to drop sought so the conservative base can rally behind the former pennsylvania senator. santorum says it's time for this to be a two-man race. >> whether he pulls it o
. we will say what happened next. >> and it's another big win for romney, but it didn't come without controversy. we'll ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> coverage continues with gigi barnett and meteorologist tim williams. it's wjz, maryland's new station. >> welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. it's 8:31. >> 41 degrees in central maryland looking at a pretty cloudy start today. a cooler day than yesterday. got to 60 degrees yesterday. we do of showers lingering along the eastern shore and up and down the eastern seaboard. some of the heavier rain down toward raleigh and the carolina south of no folk. we won't see any of that. showers throughout the day and the rest of us are mostly cloudy. it will be the chance for snow showers for parts of the area south of the beltway. temperatures today go up to 52 degrees. cooler today than yesterday. breezy and cloudy through the afternoon. partly cloudy tonight, 28 degrees. we will have the complete updated first 24 cast coming up. >> thank you, tim, but here is what people will talk about today. that romney scores a big win in washington state
to woo the 37 delegates maryland represents, got voters to the polls early. >> whether it's romney or santorum or ron paul or newt gingrich. we have four people. and that's a lot to choose from. >> i think the overall political and economic situation just puts a lot more pressure on -- you gotta get out and vote, you know, to make the changes that i think we need. >> reporter: texas congressman ron paul appeared at a town hall meeting in college park last night. on tuesday, newt gingrich made stops in annapolis and salisbury. mitt romney's campaign led by former governor bob ehrlich, visited arbutus. by afternoon, 60,000 cast ballots. the polls are open until 8:00 tonight. i'm pat warren. back to you on tv hill. >> pat, thank you. stay with wjz for complete coverage of campaign 2012. we'll bring you the latest on the candidates and the results during maryland's april 3rd primary. >>> the mega millions jackpot is the biggest ever. and it is not stopping there. the winner will now receive -- eye feel like we need a drum roll. $540 million. thank you, kai. lottery officials decided to
the children narrowly escaped the storm. >>> mitt romney gains momentum. and why his opponents report backing down. >>> opening day here at pimlico. i'm jessica kartalija. a preview of the season hed -- ahead. and the 137th running of the preakness stakes. >>> is there a warmup in our weekend forecast? bernadette will woo -- will have the answer in our first warning weather. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> mittiom heney -- mitt romney's lead continues to grow. but his opponents are not backing down. and danielle nottingham is at the white house with tonight's campaign 2012 report. >> reporter: mitt romney took the stage in wis wiss, with -- wisconsin, with one of that state's best lawmakers. he picked up the endorsement of paul ryan, a conservative known for taking a tough line on government sphendzing. >> in -- spending. in this person, we have a man with a personal conviction. right kind of experience. . >> reporter: he joins a list of people who are lining up to support romney, including former president george h.w. bush. besides that, rick santorum says he will fight to the finish. campaigning
morning, betty. though romney won michigan, he did survive narrow margin. santorum's camp says that marginal victory was only possible because of a last-minute rule change. rick santorum told supporters in spokane, washington, they'll help reenergize his campaign during its caucuses tomorrow. >> we're real excited about our chances in washington today. we think we can surprise a lot of people. >> santorum lost to mitt romney in michigan on tuesday. he says he should have been awarded half of the state's 30 delegates. michigan republicans gave romney an extra delegate saying there was cop fusion over new rules agreed to in february and a correction was made on wednesday. >> good 'ol boy network. change the rules after the game so they can win. that's pathetic. >> santorum is leading romney in the polls. though both campaign there today, ohio is a priority because it's a swing state in the general election. >> what a warm welcome. >> while campaigning in north dakota, romney says he's the candidate that can win in november. >> if i become the nominee, i'll beat barack obama and t
: early voting started saturday fresh off a visit last week by former massachusetts governor mitt romney who's campaign is headed by bob ehrlich. rick santorum's campaign is also penciled in for tuesday. and ron paul holds a meeting at university park on tuesday. it's a lot more attention than republicans are hoping to receive, but they're paying close attention. >> whether it's romney or santorum or ron paul or newt gingrich. we have four people and that's a lot to choose from. and sometimes it's hard but you have to listen to it all. >> reporter: political analysts richard bats of romney supporters say there are some things to be gained by making a showing here. >> maryland is considered a very, very left wing state. but the republicans even if you won't know this from election rhetoric, the candidates are pretty moderate. >> reporter: but the message is appealing for conservatives as well. there are 37 delegates up for grabs and it will not be determined after the primary who gets how many. reports live from annapolis, i'm pat warren, now back to you. >> thank you. primary election da
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